About Wmv format

Wmv stands for "Windows Media Video". It is Microsoft's universal compressed video container format for several codecs. Wmv format was originally developed for Windows Media Framework to be used for streaming internet technologies. Initially WMV was a proprietary format, latter being approved by SMPTE as an open, standardized format. There are few versions of WMV format, WMV9 being the current, most advanced and used. This website is home of Wmv Converter, a software to convert different video files into the wmv formats. Wmv Converter is free application.

Wmv format often use WMA (Windows Media Audio) as a companion for sound, those two formats (WMV and WMA) than being together in ASF container format. WMV format can also be encapsulated within other container formats such as AVI or MKV. Windows Media Player for Apple Mac can't play WMV files, it can only play WMV through the ASF container format. There are no restrictions on the size or resolution of wmv files and they can be played as a continuous data flow (streaming). Compression of wmv files can be very high and usable for internet use.

Wmv is capable of playing high definition video.

Some people consider WMV format an outdated for internet streaming, and not very capable in comparation with advancements in flash and quicktime in their latest incarnations. However, WMV does have a lot of advantages of being well supported, wide spread format that often works better with smaller resolutions, producing better quality and smaller file size. WMV is still one of the most popular formats for internet video streaming. Probably the main downside of wmv format is that it can't be played on non-Windows systems without installing additional component.

Wmv Converter is is free application for conversion of Avi, Mpeg, Mov and other video file types into the popular Wmv video file.

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